The aim of the roundtable was to discuss the modalities and benefits from the cooperation of the Parliamentary Committees, considering the possibilities of organizing joint meetings in order to increase the efficiency of the work of the Committees.

Present in this roundtable were the chairman of the Assembly Committees, officials of the administration of the Assembly, representatives of partner organizations of Assembly as well as the representatives of the institutions that do report to the Assembly.

Although there is some level of cooperation, the participants have considered that hitherto cooperation among committees is not enough, and needs to be improved especially in the aspect of the financial oversight, which would have a positive impact in increasing the efficiency during the process of drafting the budget. Meanwhile Zenun Pajaziti, the chairman of the Committee for Economic Development, Infrastructure, Trade and Industry has stated that the cooperation as a concept is one of the challenges of the Kosovo society, which is still in development. Mr. Pajaziti has mentioned two key deficiencies in this process: the lack of space in Assembly building as technical aspect, while as a political aspect he said that there is not enough will and experience within MP’s.

Among main issues that need further focus in future was mentioned the need for higher cooperation among the chairman of the committees and especially among the members of the committees and the civil servants, which represent the institutional memory of the committee and the Assembly in general. Also there was encouragement for holding the informal meetings between these mechanisms.

This roundtable discussion was part of the KIPRED’s activities to support the Oversight Committee on Public Finances within the Assembly of Kosovo.

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