Centre for Monitoring and Research CeMI has published a Call for Papers in the field of comparative politics and international studies for the first issue of the journal Comparative Balkan Politics (CBP). CBP is a new annual journal that forms part of the project “Balkan Comparative Electoral Study: Impact of Personal Vote on Internal Party Relations”, implemented within the Regional Research Promotion Programme in Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Its scope is defined broadly to include comparative studies in politics, economy, and social science in all of the Balkans and Southeast Europe, as well as in countries that have strong ties to the region, and comparative studies of countries that give new insights to developments in the Balkans. CBP aims to publish original articles that give new insights into Balkan politics in order to promote better understanding and informed debate on political processes in Southeast Europe.

The first issue of the CBP will include a special section on internal party democracy, welcoming research articles with both theoretical and empirical perspectives, under an open call for papers. Prospective authors are encouraged to make use of recently published Comparative Candidate Survey data for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, and Serbia. This data will become available under Survey section on the Main Menu of the website www.balkanelectoralstudies.org.

Research articles not focusing on internal party democracy, as well as review articles, electoral notes, and policy notes will also be accepted within the general section of the journal.
All manuscripts are accepted in English language. The deadline for submitting manuscripts is 20th of July 2015.

More information on submission procedure and instructions for authors can be found at http://balkanelectoralstudies.org/…/editori…/call-for-papers.

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